Lucas and Michael

The company van with Lucas

Lucas and Michael are two friends starting up their own business. They pick up and deliver packages outside office hours. Lucas works shifts between 6pm and 9 pm and Michael is taking over from 9pm till midnight. At this moment, they’re still doing this next to their normal day jobs as helpdesk employee (Lucas) and bus driver (Michael).


Lucas: A fixed phone number was one of the first things we needed when we were starting up. But who was going to pick up the phone? And where did we have to install the landline? We don’t have an office, as we’re always on the road, driving around with packages. Also, Michael didn’t want to be bothered with customers calling while he was busy on his day job.


We didn’t want to use our personal home phone number for the business so we began looking into virtual phone services that allowed us to route incoming calls to our mobile phones. The problem is that all solutions with proper routing options where VoIP-based, which means we would be making calls over the internet (3G/4G or WIFI) and we were afraid of the call quality, certainly when receiving calls while driving. FlexPhon, on the other hand, is forwarding all calls over the mobile network, which is much more reliable.


”FlexPhon made our service more professional.”


It was actually really easy to get started. I signed up on their website and followed a 4-step setup. No need to buy any hardware, or have any lines installed. I didn’t have to wait for a quote or a sales person to come by. It worked really great, so after trying out their service with a free trial account, we decided to sign up for one month.


The service has given us complete control over our daily calls and we’ve been able to look bigger and professional from day 1 which was just what we needed. All calls are now forwarded to my mobile during my work shift and to Michael’s mobile during his work shift, unless he’s too busy, then the calls get forwarded to me.


Business is going really well and we’re soon hiring our first employee. Adding him to the FlexPhon system will be easy: just a matter of creating an extra employee account and entering his email address and phone number.



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