Record a welcome message, set up a call queue or an option menu...

All you need is a mobile phone per employee

   Queue with music Different messages can be played to your customers while they are waiting on the phone. Your customer can leave a message.
   Automatic call distribution During and after office hours your calls can be transferred to any employee you choose. Holidays as well can be easily set up.
   Option menu (IVR) For commercial queries press 1, For technical queries press 2,....
   Presence Know when your colleague is busy or (un)available, so you do not unnecessarily forward him/her any calls.
   Meeting room Give your employees the phone number of your meeting room.
   Multiple channels You can have up to 80 concurrent calls*.
   Call recording Record your employee's calls for training purposes. Listen to all your recorded calls.
   Listening / Whispering Listen in on a conversation and whisper what your employee should answer.
   Call History Statistics Call history that can be exported and used to manage your call center.
   Impose restrictions You can determine per employee which destination(s) they are allowed to call to avoid any surprises in the end.
   Send & Receive fax Send and receive faxes via email. Your fax machine becomes obsolete. Free service with Flexphon.
* Comes at an extra cost
   Availability Set your availability based on personal working hours or make yourself temporarily unavailable when you’re in a meeting.
   Voicemail Listen to voicemails.
   Transfer Forward calls to your colleagues (direct transfer or supervised transfer).
   Ring group Subscribe or unsubscribe yourself from a ring group.
   Call History View your personal call history.
   Android / iOS Our mobile app is available on Android and iOS.
   Office Hours Manage and create new office hours easily.
   Advanced Call Routing Setup advanced call routing in a few clicks.
   Phone numbers Order and manage your office phone number(s).
   Call History Overview of all call details with an export function for analysis.
   Extensions Add short numbers to every employee.
   Billing Set payment options and billing, change plans, download invoices.
   99.7% uptime guaranteed Uptime is at least 99,7% of the time guaranteed.
   24/7 live monitoring We have a technical team monitoring our services 24/7, ready to act when needed.
   Multi-server environment Our network infrastructure is fully redundant and is located in 2 datacenters.
   PREMIUM Voice Quality All calls go over the gsm network, so that we can guarantee PREMIUM voice quality. We cooperate with 5 of the world’s leading carriers with a platform that has been developed in-house and is built around core carrier grade switching technology offering you the best voice quality available on the market.

"I have more features than with my old full-blown hardware phone system and all I need is a mobile phone. How great is that! "

Anna Beringen

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