Oliver and Elisabeth

Oliver with his restaurant

Oliver and his wife Elisabeth opened a restaurant in Amsterdam in 2013. They had been dreaming about it since they married in 2011. In the first year they struggled a lot. It was much harder than expected and the financial crisis didn’t make things better. They worked hard and little by little they managed to build up a good customer base.


Oliver: It was a friend who told us about FlexPhon. We already had a telephone line installed, so at first we didn’t think much of it. But when we saw the prices and understood the possibilities, we got really interested. So, instead of having this one telephone in the back of the restaurant, we are now forwarding all calls to our mobile phones. My wife is first in line to pick up the phone but if she’s busy serving customers, the call gets forwarded to Lisa, or to Jane, depending who’s working that night. Even more interesting: my wife can now receive all calls when we’re at home and she now even takes reservations in the morning. We have 32% more reservations because of that.


“We have 32% more reservations since we use Flexphon.”


Next month, we’re going on our first holiday since we opened the restaurant. Lisa and Jane will be taking over for a week. Elisabeth is a bit nervous about it but I'm sure they'll do fine. With Flexphon things couldn't get easier: we've already set our holidays and the system will do the rest. Now we just need to worry about which suitcase to take.



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