Young startup

"Flexphon made our service more professional"

A fixed phone number was one of the first things we needed when we were starting up. But who was going to pick up the phone? And where did we have to install the landline? We don't have an office, as we're always on the road, driving around with packages. Thankfully, we found Flexphon as a solution...



"We have 32% more reservations since we use Flexphon"

Instead of having this one phone in the back of the restaurant, we are now forwarding all calls to our mobile phones. My wife is the first in line but if she's busy serving customers, the call gets forwarded to Lisa, or to Jane, depending who's working that night. We're now even taking reservations in the morning, while we're still home.


Family business scaling up

"Flexphon is helping us to grow and expand internationally"

We have recently hired a representative in Spain. Flexphon allowed us to have a local presence with our own phone number, and to manage our call flow very easily. I'm very happy we made the decision to switch to Flexphon.


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